Angel Wing (R)“I have participated in several interventions. But, I have never been a participant in the caliber of polished professionalism and expertise Laura led our team through!”
-J.D., Visalia, CA.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Laura. We are humbled by the care and compassion you showed my son. We had almost given up, until you convinced us to try one more time. It was that “one more time” that began my sons first day of sobriety.”
-K.F., Visalia, CA.

“If there is an Angel on Earth, she’s the one who helped me make it through the death of my 20 year long wingsrelationship loss. When my girlfriend died, I tried therapy, bereavement groups, and abuse of alcohol. Nothing helped until my therapist referred me to Laura for help. I think it was Laura’s heartstrings that stitched me back together.”
J.P., Three Rivers, CA.

“Laura continuously shows compassion, empathy, and caring for addicted families in ways which are nonjudgmental. Her active listening skills prove themselves to be exceptional. The Intervened will find himself to be quickly engaged, without fear of reproach, enabling him to explore the possibility of receiving real help.”
D.E., Prescott, AZ.

  To learn more about how Barefoot Chaplain Intervention Services can help you, contact us from anywhere in the USA at (805) 801-8986 / or email us at barefootchaplain@yahoo.com


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  1. No one but God could ever know the dark secrets that lurked in my depressive subconscious. Somehow, God used Barefoot Chaplain to reach deep inside of me, nurture hope where there was none, breath fresh life into a dead heart, and awaken a conscience that God loves me more than all of time. Because of God’s love, through Barefoot Chaplain, I am alive again.


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