Adolescent and Young Adult Intervention

Intervening on adolescents and young adults requires special skills. These developmental years are often difficult for parents, but addiction and mental health problems can quickly make the situation overwhelming.


We have many years of experience dealing with younger patients, providing crisis management, conflict resolution and multi-stage treatment options. We also have the ability to coordinate legal and psychological services.


meet our clinical interventionists


Modern society exposes young people to a great variety of drugs, in addition to alcohol, and many have the potential to cause ongoing psychological problems. Casual use and experimentation can quickly lead to major problems.


We work with a wide range of treatment providers, ranging from wilderness-style treatment programs to psychologically-intensive programs for co-occurring disorders, such as bi-polar, anxiety, depression, ADHD, delusions and more. We will help you navigate the maze of treatment options and providers to find the most appropriate program for your family.


An excerpt from the book, Love First:

Young people can successfully hide their use of alcohol or other drugs from their parents for years. Parents often ignore the symptoms of drug use or dismiss them as normal adolescent behavior. But experienceing serious and repeated problems isn’t a normal part of growing up. If you suspect an adolescent has and alcohol or other drug problem but are not sure, look at our guide: “Warning Signs of Adolescent Alcohol or Other Drug Use”… and review the symptoms of abuse and addiction.


Check the warning signs of adolescent alcohol and drug use. Click here.


In dealing with the issue of chemical dependency in adolescents, it’s important to think about and talk about the problem as a family issue, as opposed to an issue with the teen alone. We must all work through this problem together, including involvement with the treatment center.


If you want help in assessing your situation, or to learn more about how Barefoot Chaplain Intervention Services can help you, contact us from anywhere in the USA at (805) 801-8986 / or email us at


The website Parents: The Anti-Drug is a great source for prevention information.

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