Judging Others: a Social Sport or a Negative Vice?

Judging Others: a Social Sport or a Negative Vice?

Laura Clark Barefoot, Ph.D.
Barefoot Chaplain Intervention Services
January 4, 2016

Be curious, not judgmental. – Walt Whitman


You and I are guilty, admit it. I surrender, as I have before. My conclusion, it’s our nature…human nature.
Just because, it’s our nature to be judgmental, doesn’t mean being so is useful to us. Looking down on someone as if we are better than another only creates division.
Ponder this for a minute or three, we see someone, and we draw a conclusion in a matter of seconds, based on the individual’s appearance or behavior. It’s not sound judgement on our part; usually, without knowing the person. Often, it’s the entire extent of our interaction with that person. No effort to understand them, or decide whether our judgement was accurate.
Let’s think about what occurs when we pass judgement on people we do not know. We view something the person does, get frustrated about it, disappointed in the individual or think worse of them, without understanding. That’s the end of the matter-we don’t investigate to discover more supporting evidence. Shouldn’t we try to be more understanding by building a bridge between two human beings? Well, okay, we can’t build a bridge with every single individual we meet. We are usually short on time and effort. I have discovered, taking time, even once daily makes a measurable difference.
When a person decides they are interested in getting to know someone, rather than pass premature judgement, two or more people; oneself and the other, can likely have a positive experience. Maybe, the result will be a loving experience. Love makes each of us happier, healthier, and wealthier. Trust me about this.


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  1. In all my 84 plus years, this is great advice for all ages.


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