Intervention Checklist


Preparation is the key to a successful intervention

The intervention checklist is a guide for preparing an intervention to get a person into More Heartappropriate treatment. It is designed to be used in conjunction with the book Love First or a professional interventionist. Don’t plan an intervention using the checklist alone.

  1. Bring together three to eight people who are important to the alcoholic and are willing to learn how to help.
  2. Set up a planning meeting to discuss moving forward with the intervention.
  3. Choose a detail person.
  4. Choose a team chairperson.
  5. Discuss the importance of not alerting the alcoholic to the intervention plans.
  6. List ways you’ve tried to help the alcoholic that may have enabled the addiction.
  7. Put in writing all the negative consequences caused by the addiction problem.
  8. Write a one- to two-page letter to the alcoholic.
  9. Read your letters to each other, editing out anger, blame, and judgment.
  10. Determine bottom lines, and write them down on a separate page.
  11. Test each other’s willingness to follow through with the bottom lines.
  12. Identify financial resources for covering treatment costs.
  13. Evaluate treatment centers using the evaluation questions.
  14. Set a date, time and place for the rehearsal and the intervention.
  15. Choose a treatment center, answer its pre-intake questions, and make an appointment for admission.
  16. Make airline reservations if the treatment center is out-of-state.
  17. Create a plan likely to guarantee the alcoholic’s presence at the intervention.
  18. Identify objections the alcoholic may use to avoid or postpone treatment, then formulate your answers.
  19. Pack a suitcase using the guidelines provided by the treatment staff.
  20. Determine who should drive the alcoholic from the intervention to treatment.
  21. Compile a list of all prescribed medications the alcoholic is presently using.
  22. Rehearse the intervention.
  23. Decide where each person will sit, including the alcoholic.
  24. Discuss the order in which you’ll read your letters.
  25. Find a discreet place to park your cars.
  26. Script the chairman’s introduction and closing statement.
  27. Review objections and answers.
  28. Plan to arrive at the intervention location 30 minutes before the alcoholic is expected to be there.
  29. If the intervention is taking place at the alcoholic’s home, arrive as a group.
  30. After the intervention, call the admissions staff and let them know whether or not the alcoholic has agreed to treatment.
  31. Collect all letters and send them to the alcoholic’s treatment counselor.
  32. Sign up for the Family Program.
  33. Locate an Al-Anon or Family Anonymous meeting near your home or office.

Adapted from the book Love First, by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay, (Hazelden, 2nd edition). All rights reserved.

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